Today, after having lunch Hamm the pig  came to our school really sad because his friend Mr. Potato had lost all his body parts. Thus, we decided to help him to find all of them.


First of all, children were divided in several groups to paint the different parts of Mr. Potato, such as the arms, ears, eyes, nose and mouth. We also put him mustache, a hat and gloves on his hands.

Once the different parts were painted, we went to the playground where we found the empty body of Mr. Potato. We were challenged to put the different parts in the correct place. For this, working in a cooperative way, all the groups together had to guide the blindfolded one to stick the different parts of Mr. Potato.

After this, Mr. Potato was really happy and grateful for our help and he decided to reward us with sheriff stars.

See you tomorrow!


Marta (monitora del Valdeluz)

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