Star night at Valdeluz School

The night that we all have been waiting for has come! Tonight, all the boys and girls of Valdeluz have arrived full of energy and passion to see this special event that was waiting for them.


When we all have arrived, and after checking the attendance, we gather together and played some games waiting for the sun to go down. When the sky was dark enough, everybody picked their torches and they started the mission to find the genius that had come to visit us in such a special night.


When we found the lamp, we rubbed it and this magical creature was thrilled to make our wishes come true. In order to do so, he used the power of all the stars and the lunar eclipse.


Afterwards, we were all ready to go to sleep with our pyjamas and our favourite sleeping pillows. The next morning, a delicious breakfast was waiting for us to recharge our energies for the upcoming adventures at the arab baths.

We cannot wait for the next star night!


Pilar (Coordinadora del Valdeluz)

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